Epson F2100 is a printer designed and manufactured entirely by Epson - machine, printhead and ink. This guarantees consistent high quality, performance and reliability.

Main advantagesFor which we chose this printer model:

  • Japanese quality - from - to. No compromise in any element;
  • Impeccable DTG printing that combines brilliant quality at a good price even for one piece
  • Reliability, ease and precision in work; A combination of technological intuition and the ability to manually adjust;
  • Certified support and service from Фактор БГ .

DTG печата /Direct to Garment/  - This is a printing method in which the ink is applied directly to the fabric and absorbed by the fibers. In the case of dark textiles, a white base is first applied and the image is printed on it. We use additional software to work with colors Kothari Print Pro , which in addition to taking care of accurate color reproduction, also controls the white base in question. In this way we manage to weave the image very precisely to the color of the T-shirt.

За печат върху тъмни тениски използваме Print Pro RIP Software, който улеснява „умното“ управление на мастилата и прави отпечатването на цветовете перфектно. Ето три, напечатани от нас черни тениски с безупречно качество, което се запазва и след пране. Разгледайте електронният ни магазин 2shirts