The company MAGA COPY Ltd. was established with the main purpose of performing copying services and finishing works. The company has been operating on the Bulgarian market for 17 years. We are rather colleagues with most of our clients, thus fully guaranteeing the implementation of the project. We have completed many public procurements.

The activity of the company is closely focused on:

  • Small format and large format copy and plotting
  • Completion and delivery of completed projects
  • Sales of stationery
  • School supplies
  • Warm binding and production of books in single pieces
  • Different types of bindings
  • Printing on cardboards and canvas
  • Direct printing on T-shirts

The things that set us apart:

  • Personal attitude to the client
  • We monitor for visible problems and irregularities with the documentation, in the presence of such we inform the client so that the problem can be solved as quickly as possible.
  • We have always believed that the winning formula for a small business is a working owner or partners. In this way the best customer service is guaranteed.