Company stamps are no longer a mandatory prop but most institutions are looking for them. And yet they provide another distinguishing element for the company. We make stamps using two technologies, one with silicone cliché and the other with microporous rubber.

The first technology is much better known, these are ordinary snap stamps. In it, the project is printed inverted on a PVC plate. The silicone plate is then placed on this plate and then fixed with a UV lamp. In this way, where the dark part of the print is, the silicone remains almost liquid, and where it is light, it bakes. Then, with the help of a brush, warm water and soap, the liquid silicone is washed off and the impression we made remains.


  • Low price
  • Cheap inks
  • Easy to maintain

COLOP price list

Ценова листа COLOP

The technology with microporous rubber is similar to that with silicone cliché. The project is printed on PVC plate in normal form. The seal must be on a laser machine. Then a piece of pause is placed on it and the microporous rubber is placed on it. Then, by means of a machine, the cliché is burned, where the image remains unburned, everything else is sealed and does not leak ink.


  • Fast manufacturing process
  • Fast manufacturing process
  • The inks are oil-based and permanent