Achieve professional quality with the CANON digital full color press.

  • Copier and printing machine A4 / A3 + ..
  • Sharp and high quality images thanks to imagePRESS R-VCSEL laser technology
  • Precise face-to-back alignment for precise image quality.
  • Work with media up to 350 g.
  • Consistently high quality with MultiDensity Adjustment Technology (DAT)
  • Opportunity for professional flow finishing operations for creative applications.
  • Easy color management with the i1PRO color calibration tool for consistency and quality control.

Production of a wide range of creative printed materials with professional possibilities for flow finishing operations and ability to work with SRA3 and A4 formats, thick paper with a weight of up to 350 g / m2 and unique functionality for printing on long sheets up to 1300 mm.

Машината е калибрирана с външен калибратор и разполага с IMAGEPRESS PS PRINTER KIT−G1E за точно цветопредаване.